_______________      Boston Family Photographer     ______________________

What do you see when you look at a family album? I see stories. I gravitate towards photos that capture emotion, activity and experience, and tell a story all at once. 


Hello. I am Nina. I focus on family photography because it resonates with my own heart. My passion is to tell stories of your family in images, starting with capturing the love and anticipation you share as you are waiting for your baby to arrive. 


I am honored by the invitation to encapsulate the emotional memories of the moment that will stay with you forever. I want others to see the beautiful uniqueness, feistiness, spunk, mysterious introspection, fun, laughter, joy and love you see in your kids. I make our photo sessions a playful and memorable experience in itself, and the photos will be there forever to reflect the emotions, the lightness of play, and the ease and comfort shared by your family. As you can see in my portfolio, I don’t focus on cold portraits without a glimpse into the real you. 


Let me help you share with the world the beauty you see in your family.